Feb 10, 2013

B.Ed Previous Question Papers (MDU)

B. Ed. (New) Examination - July 2011


Paper : VI&VII Gr-B(iii)

Time : Three Hours ] [ Maximum Marks : 100
Before answering the questions, candidates should ensure that they have been supplied
the correct and complete question paper. No complaint in this regard, will be 
entertained after examination.


Note : Attempt five questions in all, selecting atleast one question from each Unit. Question No. 1 compulsary.
All questions carry equal marks.

1. Writw short notes on the following : 5*4=20 

 (a) Organisational Management,
(b) Use of Internet in Teaching of Commerce,
(c) Main Characteristics of Lecture Method,
(d) Item Analysis. 


2. Describe the aims and objectives of teaching Commerce in the schools. 20

3. What do you understand by multinational companies ? Prepare a pedagogical analysis on multinational companies. 20


4. What is the importance of lesson planning ? Explain the necessary steps involved in the development of lesson 
planning for teaching of Commerce. 20

5. What do you mean by teaching aids ? What is the importance of teaching aids in the teaching of Commerce ? Explain. 20


6. What do you mean by discussion method ? How will you use it in teaching Commerce ? Also explain its advantages and limitations in teaching Commerce. 20

7. Explain the meaning of skill of stilulus variation. What are the components of this skill ? Explain them with the help of examples. 20


8. Define evaluation ? Discuss the need and importance of evaluation in teaching of Commerce. 20

9. What do you mean by essay type tests ? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of essay type tests. 20

B.Ed Previous Question Papers of MD University, Rohtak