Nov 21, 2013

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ResearchDiscourse (An International Refereed Research Journal) Invites Research papers / Articles for there upcoming Supplementary Issue on WEAKER SECTION AND SOCIAL JUSTICE;PROBLEMS AND PROSPECTIVES (Last date of submission is 30.08.2014).
Journal Publication Month: -  March, June, September, December and One Supplement issue.
Fee Per Article: 
For Indian Rs. 1500
For foreign 5o$  (postage free)
Membership Fee:
Yearly - Rs. 3000  for individual
Rs. 4000 for institutional
Foreigner individual 300$
Foreigner Institutional- 400$
Note: Postage free. Author can take membership or pay per article fees. Author can choose only one option.
Contact Number:
Dr. Anish Kumar Verma : 09453025847, 08687778221
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ISSN 2277-2014
Research papers based on new, intresting and original research work from Social Science, Technical Science and Modern Science, are invited from Researches, Professors and Writers for publication in Research Discourse international research journal (Quarterly). Research papers schould be critical and analytical of old and new studies in the related subjects, which promotes the knowledge of the study. Research papers should be rich of phylosophical ideas and developmental issues. Research papers will be sent to subject experts for review before publication, the publication of research papers will be final only after approval of subject experts.
Please keep in mind the following points at the time of sending your research papers:
  1. Research papers can be write either in Hindi or English.
  2. Research Paper should not be of more than 1700 words.
  3. Research paper on the International standard basis should be typed only on one side paper of size 8.5" x 11" in double spacing. A summary of research paper of 250 words must also be sent along with Research papers.
(a)    One copy of computer typed Research paper/Article along with C.D. should be sent to the Editor or E-mail on in word file.
(b)   Please use Kriti Dev 10 font size 13 for Hindi and Sanskrit language research paper and 'Times New Roman' font size 10 for English research papers.
  1. Please mention in brief the name of research methodology if adopted for preparing the research paper.
  2. If table, chart, graph etc. have been used for analysing the facts, they should be attached on proper places and take care while giving reference.
  3. The details of references should be attached on a separate paper in the last of the paper/article the standard farm is as follows:
(a)    In case of book, name of writer, year of publication name of book (high light), Volume no., name of the publisher with full address and concerning page number should be given.
For Example – Desai, A.R. 1979, "Pasent Struggle in India", Oxford University Press, New Delhi.
(b)   For research papers – Name of the writer , year of Publication, title of the paper (in double inverted coma), name of the research journal (high light), Volume, Number, Page Number should be given.
For example – Bajpayee, K.D. "Location of Pawa", Puratatva, Number 16, 1985-86, Indian Archaeological Society, New Delhi, page 40. If more than one reference has to be given for the same author in the same year after first reference following guidance should be used for all other references –
Bajapayee K.D. 1985-86.
(c)    Full detail should be given in the first reference. After first reference, 'Ibid', should be used for more than one but the same reference with the name of the author and year of publication of research article and books.
  1. For review of books published during last two years please send two copies of book.
  2. Please also send a article of unpublished research papers.
  3. The decision of the editor in regard to the selection of diagrams, graphs etc. will be final.
  4.  Writers/teachers/researchers are requested to contact, at least once, the editor on the mob ile phone number 9453025847 or 8687778221.
Dr. Anish Kumar Verma
B.28/70, Manas Mandir
Durgakund, Varanasi  -221005
Mob. – 08687778221/9453025847

Dr. Anish Kumar Verma : 09453025847, 08687778221