Dec 1, 2013

Post-Graduate Indira Gandhi Scholarship for Single Girl Child For PG Programs 2013-15

It is observed that number of girls as against boys in certain states is declining which is a matter of
 great concern. The females are even forced to give birth to male child. In such circumstances education
 of women needs to be used and effective means for their empowerment and education will prepare
 them to have a control over their lives. The mindset which militates against the girl child could not keep
 pace with economic progress and literacy. The Govt. of India declared elementary education as a basic
 human right of every child. The Union Government of India has taken various steps to uplift the status
 of women by implementing various schemes including free education for girls.

In order to achieve and promote girls education, UGC has introduced a Post Graduate Indira Gandhi

 Scholarship for Single Girl Child with an aim to compensate direct costs of girl education to all levels
 especially for such girls who happen to be the only girl child in their family.