Dec 3, 2013

Uses of Function Keys (F1 to F12)

The keys from F1 to F12 are known as Function Keys. Function Keys have a variety of uses or no uses depending on the Operating System and installed Application Programs. Sometimes we have to use Ctrl, Alt or Shift keys with the function keys for an operation. It may be Ctrl+Function Key, Alt+Function Key and Ctrl+Shift+Function Key. For example, if you press F11 during browsing internet then the browser will swift to Full Screen Mode instantly. The Function Keys have some special uses in laptops when we use them combining with the Fn key. For example, we may use Fn+F11 to enable or disable the Mouse Pad. The common uses of the Function:


1. Uses of Function Key F1
# This function key is used to ask for help. Almost every program allow this function key to help the users. When you are in a program and need help, then just press F1 key the help screen will open.
# You may also use this function key to enter CMOS Setup.
# To open the Microsoft Windows Help and Support Center, you have to press Windows Key + F1 together.
# The Task Pane will also open when you will press F1 key.

2. Uses of Function Key F2
# F2 Function Key is used to rename a selected icon, file, folder or drive. You may use F2 to rename the selected file or folder quickly.
# In Microsoft Word, F2 Function Key is used with Ctrl+Alt keys (that means Ctrl+Alt+F2) to open the Document Window.
# On the other hand Ctrl+F2 is used to display the Print Preview in Microsoft Word.
# F2 Function Key is also used to open the Bios Settings during booting a computer.

3. Uses of the Function Key F3
# F3 Function Key will repeat the last command when you are using your computer in MS DOS Mode or when you are working with Windows Commands.
# During using Microsoft Outlook, press Windows Key+F3 to open the Advanced Find Window.
# When you are in Microsoft Office Word, press Shift+F3 keys together to change the text from upper case to lower case or to get capital letter at the beginning of every word.
# In most of the programs you can open the Search Feature by pressing the Function Key F3.
# You can use the Search Feature even when you are at Windows Desktop.
# You can open the Mission Control by pressing F3 Function Key when you are using Mac Operation System X in your Apple Computer.

4. Uses of the Function Key F4
# Press F4 to open the Address Bar in both Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer Browser.
# You can open the Find Window in the old versions of Windows Operating Systems like Windows 95 and Windows Xp.
# You can close the active window of Microsoft Windows by pressing Alt+F4 keys together.
# Press Ctrl+F4 to close the windows in Microsoft Windows withing the active window.
# F4 is also used to Repair the current Windows Operating System. You have press F4 during booting the computer to do so. 

5. Uses of the Function Key F5
# Press F5 to refresh or reload the current page opened in your Internet Browser. All of the modern browsers support this action.
# You can run the Slide Show of your Microsoft Power Point document by pressing F5 button.
# We most often right click on the desktop window and get a menu. Then we select Refresh to refresh the computer system. After doing this for one time, then you can press F5 to repeat the same process again and again.
# We can open Find, Replace and Go to Windows in Microsoft Office Word.

6. Uses of the Function Key F6
# You can move the cursor to the Address Bar of most of the Internet Browser like Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.
# Press Ctrl+Shift+F6 to move from one document to another one when you are in Microsoft Office Word.

7. Uses of the Function Key F7
# F7 is used to check the Spelling and Grammar during using Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Outlook.
# You can run a thesaurus check on the selected or highlighted word  commonly in Microsoft Office Word.
# Turn On or Turn Off Caret Browsing in Mozilla Firefox internet browser.

8. Uses of the Function Key F8
# During booting a Computer System, press F8 Function Key to enter the Windows Start up Menu.
# F8 Function Key is used to access Windows Operating System at Safe Mood.
# We use F8 function key to be agree with the Microsoft Rules and Regulation about Windows Operating System. We have to press F8 during installing a Windows Operating System.

9. Uses of the Function Key F9
# In Quark 5.0 press F9 to open the Measurements Toolbar.
# Press Fn+F9 keys together when you are using Apple Computer with Mac Operating System X to open Mission Control.
# In Mac Operating System 10.3 F9 Function Key shows all Open Windows.

10. Uses of the Function Key F10
# The Function Key F10 activates the Menu Bar of the Running Application.
# If you press Shift+F10 together, then it will be considered as the Right Click of the Mouse. When you are at Desktop even then you will get the same menu you would get by the right clicking of the mouse.
# Save the BIOS Settings by pressing F10 when you are working with BIOS Settings.
# You can access the Hidden Recovery Partition on Sony Computer and HP Computer.
# In Mac Operating System 10.3 or later version F10 Function Key shows all open windows for the Active Program.

11. Uses of the Function Key F11
# After pressing F11 Function Key, all of the latest version of Internet Browsers go to Full Screen Mood. Again press F11 to close the Full Scree Mood.
# During booting press Ctrl+F11 to access the Hidden Recovery Partition on Dell Computers.
# You may also access the Hidden Recovery Partition by pressing F11 normally in eMachines, Gateway and Lenovo Computers.
# Press F11 to hide all open windows and shows the desktop, when you are using an Apple Computer with Mac Operating System 10.4 or later version.

12. Uses of the Function Key F12
# Press F12 to open the Save As window in Microsoft Office Word.
# Press Shift+F12 to save the Microsoft Office Word Document.
# Ctrl+Shift+F12 to print a document in Microsoft Office Word.
# Press F12 to enable or disable Bangla Typing if there is installed Avro Keyboard Bangla Typing Software.
# Use F12 Function Key to view the Page Source/Codes of the opened page in most of the latest browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.
# Press F12 during booting a Computer System to open the Boot Menu.