Mar 2, 2014

National Seminar on Inclusive Education: Issues on Policies and Practices

National Seminar on Inclusive Education: Issues on Policies and Practices on dated 22nd – 23rd March, 2014
• Existing Govt. Policies for Inclusive Education for CWSN
• Challenges in Implementation of Inclusive Education
• Quality concerns related to Inclusive Education
• SSA & Inclusive Education for CWSN in different states
• Inclusive Practices in Higher Education
• Inclusive Practices in Teacher Education
• Any other topics that which may serve the broader category of the focal theme
• Submission of Abstract: 10th March 2014
• Notification of Selection: 12th March 2014
• Submission of Full Paper & filled in Registration Form:
18th March 2014
• Last date of Registration: 15th March 2014