Feb 3, 2014


HTET 2014 ANSWER KEY PGT LEVEL-3 (NOT OFFICIAL) ANSWER KEYS ENGLISHPart – IIILanguage – IIEnglish ,Child depvlopement & Hindi.. Q. 61.Choose the correct passive construction … “Even work and patience can solve even the most difficult problem in this world.” 2) Even the most difficult problem in this world can be solved by hard work and patience. Q. 62.Which of the following is not an example of a gerund ? 3) Ilike sleeping children. Q. 63.We did it ourselves. The underlined word in the sentence is 1) A pronoun Q. 64.Choose the correct suffice to form the word. The meaning of the word is given. Mani ……. =many and various 2) fold (Q. 65to 69from the passage) Q. 65.Terrorism has lately assumed a 2) global character Q. 66.Like naxalites, terror 66.Like naxalites, terrorists are victims of 4) unfavourable and disappointing circumstances Q. 67.What, according to the writer, feeds terrorism ? 3) anger, resentment and neglect Q. 68.Terrorists is a/an ………. Trait. 4) acquired ? Q. 69.Terrorists resort to violence in order to 2) draw attention to their problems Q. 70.She stumbled over her words so that the audience had difficulty in understanding her. The underlined group of words is an 4) Adverbial clause of result Q. 71.Choose the correct indirect speech of the sentence : He said, “You would not believe me if Itold you the real secret.” 1) He said that Iwould not believe him if he told me the real secret. Q. 72.What is the sentence structure of the following sentence ? ‘Anil very carefully searched the room.’ 4) SAVO Q. 73.Give the opposite of ‘Zenith’ 2) Nadir Q. 74.Select the correct spelling Haemorrhage Q. 75.Colossal 2) huge Q. 76.Obnoxious 2) disgusting ( Q. 77to 83: Select grammatically correct sentence) Q. 77.1)The plea for aseparate state is too serious a matter to be treated lightly. Q. 78.2) One of our cat has disappeared. Q. 79.3) hardly had he left the house when the message came. Q. 80.2) Unless he behaves well, you should not pardon him. Q. 81.4) He asked his son wheather he was studying seriously for the examination. Q. 82.3) There was hardly anyone at the party, was there ? Q. 83.3) Are you going to invite Ram and me to your house ? Q. 84.To rest on one’s laurels 3) to retire from active life Q. 85.A blue stocking 2) someone with literary tastes and learning Q. 86.I………. Hardly hear you. 1) can Q. 87.………….. do you think you are, any way ? 3) Who ? Q. 88.This is strictly between you and …….. Who ? Q. 88.This is strictly between you and …….. 2) me Q. 89.Almost the entire social and administrative structure reeks …. Corruption 3) ofy Q. 90.The cost of State funding of election in India runs …… thousands of crores. 2) into (PGT) Sub. Code No. computer science Part – 1(Child Development and Pedagogy) Q. 1.Dyslexia is a 1) Learning Disability Q. 2.The Average IQ of student ranges between 2) 90-110 Q. 3.Carl Rogers does not emphasize on 4) Unconscious mind Q. 4.‘Perception is learnt behavior.’ This view is given by 2) Behaviourists Q. 5.According to Freud, Phallic Stage of personality emerges at the age of 2) 3-6years Q. 6.Kohler’s experiment on Chimpanzee demonstrated 3) Learning through insight Q. 7.What is more important to be successful in life according to Daniel Goleman 3) Emotional intelligence Q. 8.How many primary mental abilities are given by Thurstone 1) 7 Q. 9.Which of the following is not aprojective test ? 3) Situational Test Q. 10.Learning disabilities include 4) Disorder of understanding or usin 4) Disorder of understanding or using language (spoken or written) Q. 11.Which of the following is the lowest level of measurement ? 3) Nominal scale Q. 12.Which of the following is an example of social motive ? 4) Achievement motive Q. 13.How many pairs of chromosomes an infant has ? 3) 23 Q. 14.Which of the following law is not aprimary law of learning, according to Thorndike ? 2) Law of proximity Q. 15.Which of the following theories is given by Leon Festinger ? 4) Cognitive dissonance theory Q. 16.Who was the founder of Psychoanalysis ? 2) S. Freud Q. 17.Herman Ebbinghaus is awell-known name in the field of 3) Intelligence Q. 18.The aim of curriculum flexibility is to 1) improve pupil’s school experience and Q. 18.The aim of curriculum flexibility is to 1) improve pupil’s school experience and his achievement Q. 19.Libido is 2) Sexual energy Q. 20.Which of the following type of personality is known as the coronary heart disease prone personality ? 1) Type A personality Q. 21.Which of the following is not ascale of attitude measurement ? ? Q. 22.Values that are learnt from our family and society influence our behavior as ? Q. 23.Which of the following is not acomponent of an attitude ? 1) Moral component Q. 24.If the chronological age of achild is 60months and the mental age of the child is 72,what shall be his IQ ? 3) 120 Q. 25.The aim of remedial teaching is to 1) understand pupil’s uniqueness in learning abilities and performance Q. 26.When the laws of primary and recency b Q. 26.When the laws of primary and recency both operate in the learning process (serial position effect), what kind of learning do we get ? 2) ‘U’ shaped curve Q. 27.Which of the following is an important element of creativity ? 2) Convergent Thinking Q. 28.Which of the following statements is not true about learning process according to Thorndike ? 3) Learning comes through insight only Q. 29.Images frozen in memories and tied to particular places, dates & times are known as 1) Flash bulb memories Q. 30.In modern times, Psychology is considered the study of 4) Human behaviour Part – 2Language – 1Hindi (हिन्दी) Q. 31.किस विकल्प में शब्दों का वही क्रम है जिस क्रम से वे शब्दकोश में मिलते हैं 1) नलिनी, नवग्रह नशा, नश्वर Q. 32.निम्नलिखित में से अशुद्ध वर्तनी वाले शब्द का चयन कीजिए 2) उद्वात Q. 33.निम्नलिखित में से अशुद्ध छांटिए 3) सन्यासी Q. 34.‘मीठा’ शब्द से जातिवाचक संज्ञा बनेगी 2) ‘आई’ प्रत्यय के योग से Q. 35.‘बे’ उपसर्ग का प्रयोग कहाँ अनुचित है 3) बेचारा Q. 36.जरा-ज़रा शब्द युग्म का सही अर्थ है 1) थोड़ा – बुढ़ापा Q. 37.‘वह तो विभीषण निकला ।‘ रेखांकित पद में संज्ञा का प्रकार है 2) जातिवाचक Q. 38.‘अपेक्षा’ का विलोम बनेगा 2) ‘उप’ उपसर्ग के योग से Q. 39.‘बच्चे छत पर खेल रहें हैं’ इस वाक्य में रेखांकित शब्द में प्रयुक्त कारक को बताइए 4) अधिकरण Q. 40.‘आभूषण’ का पर्यायवाची शब्द नहीं है 4) हार Q. 41.‘चतुर्दश’ शब्द में ‘समास’ का प्रकार है 2) द्विगु Q. 42.निम्नलिखित में से उष्म ध्वनि है 4) ष् Q. 43.‘तद्रूप’ में संधि का प्रकार है 3) व्यंजन Q. 44.‘जिस पर किसी का उपकार हो’ वाक्यांश के लिए निम्नलिखित में से उपयुक्त शब्द कौन-सा होगा ? 2) उपकृत Q. 45.‘वृष्टि’ नहोने पर सूखा पड़ने की ......है । 3) आशंका Q. 46.‘पानी की गति-सा’ पदबंध विकास की किस प्रकृति को इंगित करता है 2) ऋणात्मक Q. 47.‘इस धुआंती जिंदगी ने...’ वाक्य में रेखांकित Q. 47.‘इस धुआंती जिंदगी ने...’ वाक्य में रेखांकित पद है 3) विशेषण ? Q. 48.‘लबादे’ शब्द ‘लबादा’ से निर्मित है ।स्त्रोत के आधार पर ‘लबादा’ शब्द है 4) विदेशी Q. 49.‘समस्त समाज आज गीली लकड़ी की ....... 4) पतनशील Q. 50.लकड़ी का आत्मतत्व है 4) अग्नि Q. 51.अवतरण के आधार पर ‘धुऍ’ का कारण है 3) गीलापन Q. 52.आर्द्र से आर्द्रता का बनना उदाहरण है 2) विशेषण से संज्ञा बनना Q. 53.‘सच्चे जीवन के लिए’ प्रयुक्त रूपक है 2) जलता दीपक Q. 54.निम्न में से कौन-सा विलोम युग्म के रूप में अवतरण में प्रयुक्त नहीं हुआ है 3) गीलापन- आर्द्रता Q. 55.‘चौबीसों घंटेधुआं-सा नजर आ रहा है ।‘ वाक्य रेखांकित पद है 3) क्रियाविशेषण Q. 56.जिनशब्दों का स्त्रोत पता नहीं हो, वेकहलाते हैं 3) देशज Q. 57.प्रत्यय के योग से बना शब्द नहीं है 2) पीछे Q. 58.‘अपनी प्रशंसा करने वाला वाला’ वाक्यांश 58.‘अपनी प्रशंसा करने वाला वाला’ वाक्यांश के लिए सार्थक शब्द होगा 2) आत्मश्लाघी Q. 59.निम्नलिखित में से शुद्ध शब्द छांटिए 3) आयुष्मान् Q. 60.‘सबके साथ एक-सा व्यवहार करना’ के लिए उचित मुहावरा है 2) एक लाठी से सबको हाँकना

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